Icom Incorporated Actions Regarding Counterfeit Product Manufacturers

Icom Incorporated (hereafter Icom), Osaka Japan, recently submitted a written warning (cease and desist) to a Chinese manufacturer that is suspected of producing counterfeit Icom products.

This is not the first time we have taken such action against counterfeit manufacturers. Icom actively and routinely makes market surveillance in light of past incidences, and this particular company was discovered via this process and local research of the market.

Icom considers its brand and product design to be world class and our reputation for quality communications products is a deserved one built on over 50 years of experience and core competence. Icom will continue to take immediate and strict action to exterminate counterfeit products that infringe the Icom brand and damage our reputation.

Icom urges end users not to purchase suspected counterfeit products. Such products will likely not meet type approval requirements, not operate correctly and may also not be safe to use due to not having been engineered and verified according to our strict quality control processes.

We also encourage the reporting of suspected counterfeit products to your local Icom Distributor.

For further information in identifying genuine Icom radios from counterfeit products, please refer to the link below.

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