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Amateur radio has progressed rapidly from the time that Icom first put machine No.1 on the market, and Japan’s current technical level in this field has made it the world leader. In the era in which analog was still the main, Icom undertook digitalization with its original technology, subjecting digital phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizers to custom large scale integration (LSI). Equipping radios thus did away with the need for complicated manual operations for transmitter and receiver frequency switching, rapid improvement of display digitalization and frequency stability led to the actualization of world-leading functions, and the support of users became steady.

At present, aiming to deepen its cultivation of these technologies, Icom has developed a digital signal processor (DSP) and direct digital synthesizer (DDS), and is advancing the digitalization of amateur radio signal processing.

A diversification of operation styles has accompanied the popularization of amateur radio, and today, outdoor operation is being actively conducted as we plunge into an era seeking portability to permit easy outdoor operation and freedom from the limitations of indoor-based fixed equipment.

For mobile transceivers and handheld transceivers, for which compactness is especially important, industry-leading high-density technology has been employed to miniaturize components.

Icom’s marine products can be broadly classified in terms of marine transceivers for communication at sea and marine navigation equipment. Without the use of land lines for telephone communications, the radio has become the leading means of communication at sea, and various radio stations have been established that correspond to purpose and use.

Icom product performance and reliability have been rated highly worldwide, with Icom receiving the National Marine Electronics Association’s (NMEA) “Transceiver of the Year” award for six years consecutively. Icom’s technology has also been used in Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS).

The marine navigation equipment from which this know-how developed is part of a lineup of products for which practical functions and ease of use were sought, beginning with the marine radars useful for safe navigation, marine plotters that displays a vessel’s own position and track, fish finders, and products that combine a marine plotter and fish finder in one.